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  • commented on The Loyal Opposition Revisited 2016-11-10 23:45:52 -0500
    Local chapter building 101, Robert. A great start!

    We have some relative experience in CA that may save you some trouble and headache if you would like it.

  • commented on The Loyal Opposition 2016-11-10 23:27:48 -0500
    In the west region of the party, we are forming local and regional chapters to build the party, and the subsequent movement you alluded to, from the bottom up.

    Before speaking with a loud and unified voice, you have to develop that voice. The best way to do that, and to build what you refer to as an opposition (possibly the only way nowadays), is to build a permanent and viable organization that will then attract all the various groups into a “big tent”. No other organization outside the MWP has the message, tools, and potential to do that.

    We just need to do it. Really no discussion necessary.

    One big weakness of the centrist/moderate movement is its lack of unity and cohesion. Everyone is OK with being an “independent”, playing in the mud of the two parties, addressing a single issue, etc. Through a nationwide network of active chapters, we can attract and activate the mass of people necessary to grab the attention of higher, like-minded candidates, supporters, donors, etc. better than any no-chance, no-support presidential or congressional candidate ever would.

    We just need to do it.

    The chapters will be your person-in-the-street communications platform, demonstrating the party and movement and not just talking about it.

    The chapters will be where people debate issues in a controlled fashion. First, at a local level as they work to address real local issues, and later as interconnected local and regional chapters addressing larger and higher-level issues and developing state parties.

    The centrist/moderate movement is chock-full of web sites, blogs, forums, social media, pseudo-money machines, etc. What it lacks, and what the MWP stands to deliver, is the people in the street showing others that there is a way to resolve issues and have respectable, functional, and participatory government, at ALL levels.

    We just need to do it.

    Unfortunately, until you get into the fabric of this thing, you really have no idea how much work is involved, how important getting help is, and how fractured the effort is with so many people sitting on the sidelines doing little more than wonking. (We have a Facebook group dedicated to that!) But the work still needs to be done.

    I have no idea what your position or standing (if any) with the party is. But if you are available, regardless of how much time you have to give, I would challenge you to commit yourself to six months as the North Dakota State Chair (it appears to be vacant).

    Use the position as your platform to get the word out. Organize and activate the state’s 20-30 party contacts into a leadership team to build as many local and regional chapters as possible. Get those debates started. Solve problems. Get local candidates signed on and elected. Obtain ballot access. Draw in like-minded organizations.

    If you are serious about it, you just need to do it.

  • commented on Moderation and Centrism in action 2016-08-25 01:08:07 -0400
    Hi Tom. This is one of the pillars of what we are working to do in California. While the wings choose to talk to themselves and break each other down, someone has to keep the sense, bring people back together, and WORK on real solutions. That has to be the truely diverse, sensible, organized, and collaborative people in the middle. We could really use your help! -Cameron (California State Chair)

  • commented on Public Libraries, the Patron Institute of the Modern Whig Party? 2016-07-28 00:59:08 -0400
    It’s not a matter of failing to utilize the medium, James. It is, like blogging, foruming, Facebooking, etc., a question of available resources vs. applied resources. Along with everything else we do, most or all of us can do Facebook videos. But they would turn out as you’d expect, as you described, and we understandably want and need better.

    Nationwide, and maybe even within CA and a few other states alone, I doubt there is one applicable profession we don’t have stashed somewhere within our ranks of contacts. The trick is getting these people from interested observer to active participant; available resources vs. applied resources.

    There are several people within California with some badly-needed expertise, including videographers, who want nothing to do with working with the state party. (I had one tell me he was looking for “national exposure.”) But when the national party put out similar calls for help these contacts couldn’t jump fast enough, resumes in hand.

    So there is obviously a motivation there that isn’t about advancement of the party, and maybe someone recognized that and that is why it hasn’t seemed to have materialized. Or maybe so many people jumped at the national level’s call that they were swamped. There is also the issue of using personal or company supplies and equipment, which the party is probably not prepared to pay for as an all-volunteer organization (my personal guess). The commitments of time and resources to do a professional-grade promotional video are obviously considerably higher than writing an opinion piece. Or maybe the incentives for these people just weren’t good enough. Who knows.

    On the flip-side, we (CA) do have a couple of professionals who have offered their applicable abilities to the state party. We’re hoping the fruits of those offers will be coming soon. We also had one who offered his talents but just didn’t have access to the equipment, so he took up an offer to help elsewhere.

    For the others, at least in California, it’s not for lack of trying.

  • commented on Getting the word out, and joining the conversation 2016-07-21 04:22:44 -0400
    Whig Forums: Getting the word out, and joining the conversation

    This party is chock-full of writers…

    And, of course, we are not the only ones…

    Everyone know what the problems are. They need to be SHOWN solutions. Many who read one of those articles, blogs, posts, etc. and then says “YES!” goes looking for who is actually going to make it happen and how. And there, we are all lacking.

    I can get a 25% read rate on one of my update e-mails, and for a political e-mail that is pretty good. For every one of those e-mails I will get maybe two people who will reach out and ask what they can do.

    Those are the people who are going to be standing on street corners, in front of city hall, and outside the grocery store handing out flyers and putting candidates, ballot initiatives, petitions, etc. (SOLUTIONS) in front of people.

    If we truly want to change things, and show others how we are different, we need far fewer people writing about the problems and theoretical responses and more people providing the solutions.

    Hearts and minds. The competition is doing it…