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  • commented on A More Perfect Union 2017-10-05 23:24:23 -0400
    I voted for Trump and support his agenda 100%.I think he is the best President in modern times, since FDR.As long as he fulfills the agenda that matters most to Americans that voted for him,and successfully accomplishes reform on issues that Most Americans care about,then I see no reason not to vote for him again,including representatives of the political affiliation in which he is associated with,as well. Finally,if for some reason that a majority of the agenda that he proposes does not get accomplished by the end of his term,then I see no reason not to give another outsider(Whig candidate),the same opportunity to get the job as President done,representing the will of the American people once again.Otherwise,and until a more experienced and proven leader with better instinctual and trustworthy qualities and integrity runs for President;I see no reason to set my sights on any other political affiliation for the time-being,than the one that currently controls Congress now. However,and alternatively,if the will of the American voter is not substantially answered for by the end of 2018 and 2020,respectively, than I can see no other alternative but to vote for a candidate from an outside party and to consequently, give them the final benefit of the doubt and my vote, as well.Hence, the role of the Whig party would become a significant and realistic, viable option, once again.