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  • commented on Whig Party Goals 2016-10-25 11:56:47 -0400
    Some of what was said I agree with. I agree that this party should look for and attempt to recruit moderate leaders from the two major parties. Both are greatly fractured and falling apart though Democrats much slower. However, for this party to finance major campaigns would require 4-6 years of conserted effort and fund raising. The party has a radio program already, but it also requires more members being active in social media sharing the link to this program and/or expanding with new youtube programs and interviews with outside radio programs. Next; Growing the party, the party is unable to afford television and most radio advertising. We need to utilize resources more effectively; Those that are active on social media sites need to reach out to independent radio programs that would LOVE to interview new leaders. If we can attract them, we build our advertising base dramatically. As for 5 homegrown elections, it will be difficult due to out of every 500 or so willing members you might have 2 that are qualified AND willing to run. The party already has bumper stickers, coffee mugs, shirts, hats, etc. to promote the party, we need members to buy those items and promote them. Finally, as for centrist think tanks this could pose a problem. We are a party of Centrists with leanings in liberal and conservative views. However, my conservative views may be to conservative for others or my liberal views to liberal. I believe in a strong immigration system, yes a wall and a tough immigration vetting program from middle eastern refugees. I’ve seen to much of what has happened in Europe to allow open passes. I believe in a strong military and veteran services. Stronger enforcement of laws and protection of the constitution. I believe education, abortion, welfare/foodstamps/WIC/HUD, medical/legal pot, and gay rights, are state issues that should remain with the state. These powers weren’t given to the Federal government and thus should be state laws. I do believe the Federal government controls borders, immigration, military/veteran, national budget, foreign affairs, and national defense. I believe rather than the Federal government controlling tax $$s that a proportionate ammount be given to each state (Rhode Island smaller than California wouldn’t get equal ammount) and allow Governors to control & maintain emergency relief funds. So, who’s platform am I using when creating local clubs? Many of the more liberal platforms in the party would not be attractive in more conservative states and vice versa. Will we be free to create our own local platforms? I don’t know.

  • commented on I am watching the GOP convention. 2016-10-24 13:18:04 -0400
    I think Trump has shown how powerful social media can be in a campaign. I believe as a third party a candidate must establish a 4 year plan. Candidate also needs to get their party fully behind the campaign.

    First year would be used to 1. Create an in depth platform (what are views on immigration, national debt, national security, etc) and write their plans/ideas on a blog. With these blogs the rest of the party can share in their networks to build support. Create a ‘Go Fund Me’, ‘Facebook ads’, and various online donation sites. Create a bank account seperate from personal accounts. Year 2 should increase in exposure with online radio shows (I have several hosts in my network), create a campaign website, party members increase posts on social media, push voter registration, recruit and identify top level advisors, comment on current congressional campaigns (current events & candidates), and begin creating volunteer groups in local areas. Year 3 Actively gather signatures from registered voters in order to get onto the ballots of all 50 states. Advisors begin creating state and city headquarters/directors, identify opponents, have volunteers investigate & confirm internet reports on opponents, begin practicing debates, national party heads seek out other third parties to ally with. Year 4 is running and trying to get onto general election debates. Includes a higher pace more active on everything in previous three years.

    I know that I am missing details so maybe more educated folks can add to this.

  • commented on Coffee Party USA ? 2016-10-22 15:36:02 -0400
    I’m writing this on 22 Oct 16; I’m looking at the Coffee party now and it appears that after six years and in my opinion it is more of a (vlogger?), there doesn’t appear to be any outreach outside of a small group of friends. They do have radio shows that I haven’t listened to yet. As for platforms; They are very limited in views though they match up quite well with several Modern Whig Party values. Electoral reform matches closely. Portions of their law reform match but I’m not exactly sure what they mean by “Corporations have a responsibility to respect and support employees and the general public.”. Tax code is vague, what do they mean and to what extent “reduce our debt, enhance society, and create economic growth.” They don’t detail what is ‘Fair Tax’ is it a Hillary Clinton fair tax where top 1% (those who create our jobs) paying 7 out of every $10s earned? Is it a Flat tax? or even a consumption tax? They don’t go into it. They also match quite well in their views of empowering the people. They lack any Foreign Policy, Immigration, National Defense, Veterans Issues, Social Programs, Energy policy, and so much more. Certainly the Modern Whigs started out very limited in our platform, but after six years we already had leadership in most states, a core values to build platforms, a few thousand members, and a few locally elected members.

    I do not like that they charge $$ to become a member, especially when it appears no member has run for office. What are their expenditures? I personally would like for one of the leaders which are active in radio to make contact with their ‘party’ in radio conversations and either flesh out their views or invite them to merge. They are to small to take over our party so the threat of being hijacked is limited.

  • wants to volunteer 2016-10-22 09:23:59 -0400

    I wish to be useful, and every kind of service necessary to the public good becomes honorable by being necessary.  (Nathan Hale)

    As a movement founded by veterans, issues involving the well-being of our military personnel are of paramount concern to the Modern Whigs. We believe those who sacrifice so much to serve their fellow citizens should be adequately compensated while on active duty, and provided with adequate pensions, health care, job training and other transitional and support services after discharge. For us, treating our veterans and active duty personnel with the respect they deserve is more than a matter of prudent public policy -- it's a matter of our national honor.

    What's more, as Whigs we believe our obligation to our veterans and military personnel goes beyond just advocating for the best government policies to ensure they are properly compensated and cared for. Our commitment to them, and our overarching philosophy, compels us to take direct action. For that reason, we have developed the Veterans Volunteer Initiative to serve as a connecting point for those who, like us, wish to take a direct hand in aiding, supporting and assisting our veterans. It's the first phase of our growing program to support our troops. Please take a moment to read about the VVI in the drop-down tab.

    During World War II, after it became clear Britain's RAF had successfully fended off the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill said of his gallant flyers: "Never before, in the history of human conflict, has so much been owed by so many to so few." Those words are no less true in our own country today. The liberty and prosperity of over 320 million Americans are daily defended by less than one-half of 1 percent of the population. If you add in veterans, just 7.3 percent of the population are serving, or have ever served, in our armed forces.

    Given our great nation's justifiable pride in our prosperity, and our instinctive commitment to care for our fellow citizens, we see no reason why our veterans should not be given all the resources they so richly deserve, especially considering their number. Having pledged their very lives to our defense in a perilous time, they should expect a grateful nation to reward their dedication, patriotism, professionalism and sacrifice with the support they need. It's the least we can do. 

    The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.  (Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf) 

    While, like all political organizations, The Modern Whigs of America advocate for certain government policies we believe are in the best interests of the nation, we also have great faith in the ability of our fellow citizens to take care of some things on their own. As Whigs, we have a can-do attitude and believe firmly in taking direct action through volunteerism wherever we can.

    Fortunately, the United States Veterans Administration provides a platform for ordinary citizens to serve in a volunteer capacity and directly aid and support our veterans. In conjunction with the president's United We Serve initiative, the VA's Volunteer Service program recruits citizens to, in the words of the VA, provide "caring and sharing" to our veterans in a number of ways. Whether its to aid homeless veterans in finding employment and affordable housing, ensuring veterans are properly honored with a final resting place, providingtransportation to veterans who need it, or simply ensuring returning military personnel get the welcome home they deserve, there is a place for you to do your part.

    You can find your nearest service opportunity on this directory:
    And if you're a student, or know one, there are service opportunities for them, too:                  

    And here is a link to a printable Application for Voluntary Service (links to the online version are on the VA website):

    We ask our members and supporters to offer their time as representatives of The Modern Whigs of America. But there are some important guidelines we ask you to follow:

    1. Don't foul the nest. Please keep a positive attitude, and always keep in mind the Whig emphasis on civility. Don't engage in negative activism or get confrontational with VA staff. If you see something obviously wrong, document it and report it to the party so we can look into it.

    2. Stick with it. It's important to demonstrate the classic Whig traits of determination and commitment. One reason is our desire to portray the movement in the best possible light. But another -- and more important -- reason is our deep, genuine and abiding advocacy of authentic public service. Whigs "walk the talk," so please only undertake obligations you can fulfill. 

    3. Be visible. In the near future we'll have Whig attire (polo shirts and t-shirts) to offer, but for now please dress appropriately for whatever role you're assigned. Smile, be pleasant, and don't be shy about explaining what the Modern Whigs are about. We want you to be proud of our movement -- and for our movement to be proud of you.

    This is just Phase I of the Veterans Volunteer Initiative. We'll provide details on Phase II once enough of our members and supporters have engaged in the process to make the next step feasible. For now, on behalf of the many veterans who have joined the ranks of the Modern Whigs, we would like to thank you for considering donating your time to this vital cause.

    For information, assistance or to report your observations, please contact our Director of Veterans and Active Duty Affairs, Lt. Col. (ret.) Doug Harvey, MS, AKARNG at:

    Become a volunteer

  • commented on A Presidential Write-in Candidate anyone? 2016-10-20 01:59:59 -0400
    I think the party heads should reach out to him now and the party as a whole begin working for a 2020 run. It will take four years of untraditional campaigning to get his name into the public. If nothing else Trump did show America how powerful Twitter and Facebook can be and with the two major parties breaking apart (Moderate Democrats have been silently sitting independent for years) it is time that third parties proactively recruit members and national level leaders. If we can get his name exposure out there early enough there is a much better chance when that time comes.

  • commented on Focus on the Federal Budget 2016-10-20 01:46:37 -0400
    I don’t have fancy percentages and it may sound very simplistic so forgive me.

    I think we are expecting to much detail prior to elections and no campaign (other than Ross Perot) has ever shared detailed plans prior to election day. Trump believes (I think it is more like HOPES) that by cutting the highest corperate taxes in the world and a one time freebie to allow overseas money to return to the U.S. will create jobs. Those increased jobs will eventually pay into the taxes to fix the economy and pay down the debt. Unfortunately I think he is placing to much faith in corporate America to create those jobs rather than just eat up the profits. Hillary on the other hand thinks raising taxes (though her income tax increase levels vary from minimum $125K and up) will pay for the current spending and somehow also be enough to pay the debt. My problem with Hillary’s plan is the increased corporate taxes to 65% which will drive away jobs, not bring them back. Either way with current spending left unchecked the debt will only get worse. You need tax money and there is no way the top 1% will give our government a bail out. No one would willingly give $7 out of every $10 you earned. They’ll just hide the money until she is out. I think if Trump wins, he needs to bring in big business CEOs and negotiate that deal to ensure business creates the jobs needed to bring in new tax revenue.

  • commented on Sorry About My Absence 2016-10-20 01:15:43 -0400
    For whatever reason, the post didn’t indent so sorry for the crammed message.

  • commented on The emperors have no clothes - the ugly truth about our politics..... 2016-10-20 00:57:33 -0400
    I think that IF a person intends to run for President or Congress as a third party, the person needs to start NOW and run a four year campaign. It is important that individuals devise their platform and share with multiple third parties in order to gain name recognition, core supporters, fliers, flesh out policies, etc. As undesirable as Donald Trump is (and I will be voting for him) he proved one thing. A person can be competitive by building massive twitter & facebook supporters. This will get the person a lot of exposure and as long as the supporters (& candidate) stay on message it can cut down advertising costs. These sources of media also bring a candidate into the limelight of independant radio which would love to bring the exposure.

    As it stands right now third parties are not viable options in the Federal arena outside of the Libertarian and Green Parties. Both have been around for decades and only during this election has anyone really noticed them. The two major parties have created laws that smother third party candidates so only a minute number of people have ever heard of them. I will vote for lesser of two evils that I am familiar with over one I have no idea who they are. That is the problem, money will come with exposure and that is why I believe the 2nd paragraph is so important.

  • posted about Action on Facebook 2016-10-20 00:32:25 -0400
    Check out the @ModernWhigs I just joined!


    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.  (Theodore Roosevelt) 

    mwplogoblog.pngThank you for your interest in The Modern Whigs of America! By joining one of the fastest-growing independent political movements in the country, you'll give us the opportunity to keep you informed not only of our activities, but also many of the key political issues and policy questions of the day. We think you'll quickly find us both a great platform for civic action and an invaluable informational resource.

    After completing the signup form you'll be redirected to our Donate page. While we rely primarily on the volunteer efforts of our members and leadership to achieve our goals, we do need some funds to accomplish some of the basic tasks every political organization needs to do. We hope you can make a small contribution (the price of a cheeseburger at your local restaurant, or a takeout pizza on a Friday night) to support our initiatives.

    Once again, thank you, and we look forward to working with you to make our country, and our world, a better place -- for all of us. 

    Sign up

  • commented on Should the Modern Whig Party Endorse Garry Johnson for President? 2016-07-27 17:30:54 -0400
    I tagged this topic as Important because I’d like to hear how the party as a group feels about the candidates.

    My problem with the Libertarian party is their core principle of limited government. Certainly most of us agree that a small federal government works better, but how small are they truly intending on? I haven’t seen anything about VA reform or military/veteran benefits.

    It is my perception that Libertarians want a very small military, what are their views on gays/transgenders? Females signing up for the draft? Females in combat professions? What are they thinking about the GI Bill? Retirement pay, Medical/Pharmacy co-pays? How are they planning to resolve homeless veterans or the still extremely high veteran suicide rate? What are their views regarding the 2nd Amend?

    I know Johnson is big on gun control, in fact when he was nomitated his opponent offered him a replica pistol symbolizing his support. Johnson threw the replica in the trash in front of the guy.

    I know most of the party will disagree with me, but I will be voting for Trump this year. He has held two retired military leaders as his advisors and I like General Flynn. If he is willing to listen to military leaders of that quality, he will be a much better advocate for veterans and be one heck of a Commander in Chief. Don’t listen to the lies the liberals are spouting, listen to his speaches.

  • commented on Trump's solution to the VA problem.... what do you think? 2016-03-29 06:23:11 -0400
    I disagree with sending veterns to Medicaid doctors. I just don’t think that in addition to more VA controlled medical facilities is a good idea. I personally believe that the VA should lose all medical programs entirely and veterans be placed in the TRICARE/Champus program. TRICARE is what retired veterans are on and provides listings of civilian doctors/hospitals from most cities for the veteran to choose from.

    By moving funds to TRICARE, it provides civilian company with a trusted background to fix the problem. Doctors are mostly civilian (some areas retired will see a military doctor. non-retirees would not have that option) and are not dictated by bureaucratic red tape. As far as I can tell, TRICARE doesn’t give bonuses and if they do it isn’t out of whack.

    VA medical facilities would fall under one of several options 1. A larger civilian medical facility with the ability to provide oversight. or 2. stand as a network to compete with other civilian facilities, but without VA admin control (administration would be created by state’s govornor and staff by that trustee).

    I feel that the VA lost it’s right to run veteran medical programs and the funds for medical care are better spent by providing the funds to more competent agencies/programs. The VA would still control Education, Loans, etc. programs outside of medical and medical research.