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  • published Ending the "War on Drugs" in Whig Forums 2016-11-28 11:59:36 -0600

    Ending the "War on Drugs"

    The War on Drugs will likely go down in history as one of the greatest domestic policy disasters in the western world. A failure of lessons not learned from alcohol prohibition decades earlier. The "War on Drugs" has created the largest prison system every seen in the history of mankind, turned cities into war zones, created distrust for the state and government, and helped haulers of contraband rise to power and fund bloody feuds between groups across the globe. The war on drugs needs to come to an end. Policy: 1. Full Legalization of cannabis for adults, to be regulated for purity and quality. Existing convictions of non-violent users will be purged and people pardoned and exonerated for cannabis related offenses. 2. the Drug Enforcement Agency to be disbanded, its assets handed over to the FBI, and to be thoroughly investigated. 3. Civil Forfeiture to be banned, property will not be seized except upon conviction. 4. No one shall be arrested or convicted for possessing small amount and/or using narcotics of any kind, or for paraphernalia

  • commented on Ranked Choice Voting 2016-11-28 11:52:13 -0600
    Its a step in the right direction. I also favor voting for parties over voting for individuals. People generally vote party line anyway.

    I also like the two phase voting system france has.

  • commented on Practical Campaign Finance Suggestion 2016-11-28 11:50:01 -0600
    This is already the law now, and personal contributions are capped at far lower than $50k(2500 if memory serves). All political donations over $100 are required to be reported.

    The problem is Super PACs, and other things which squeek by under “Not directly related to a candidate”. We then have an entire industry around political propaganda and misinformation which since is not tied to a specific candidate, is unregulated. This is possible because it comes from the whacky unethical world of advertising and marketing which again, largely unregulated.

    A better solution is smart regulation of paid trolling, and paid advertising. It should be the law that all paid content has to be marked as such, and political activists need to disclose their affiliations and if they are paid to make statements or not.

    Large websites, lets say 10k or more public users need to disclose who, if anyone, funds management to their users. Large social media sites should also be forced to keep logs of and disclose moderation.

  • commented on The Loyal Opposition 2016-11-16 19:50:32 -0600
    Donald Trump is the result of a broken system. Before anyone mistakes this as populist stupid, or he has a populist mandate to rule

    9% of the population voted in the primaries, 14% of the eligible population voted.

    Voter turn out was abysmal. In the general election, trump got as many votes as John McCain’s dismal loss to Obama.

    Trump didn’t win as much as Clinton lost. The system did not produce any candidates people wanted to actually vote for, and people do not have confidence in the elections.

    I would like to see the electoral college repealed. Its a relic of a by-gone era.

  • commented on A Democratic Republic... 2016-11-16 19:44:53 -0600
    I’ll addres some concerns

    >The Senate exists for a reason, it puts the states on a more equal footing

    Thats one reason. The other is a few of the founding father(federalists), didn’t believe in Democracy at all, and wanted the senate as a check against popular will. The federalists represented entrenched interests. When the nation was founded, the senate was chosen by state governments, providing a check against popular will. Another was the Electoral College, to give a buffer between special interests and the people.

    The senate was designed to represent unelected entrenched interests. It was in the progressive era that the constitution was modified for elected senators.

    >Unicameralism at the federal level could lead to Oligarchy.

    I strongly disagree and I feel that bicameralism has previously led to tyranny. Bicameralism leads to more bureaucracy and red tape the impedes function.

    >Or they’re written by entrenched interests masquerading as “we the people.”

    Consider this: Entrenched interests don’t benefit overall from ballot initiatives. They already have power. Hence they are entrenched. Its harder for interests to get entrenched with ballot initiatives, and it allows voters to vote on single issues instead of accepting the whole package of politicians