I believe that it's important for politicians to be flexible and pragmatic in order to best serve the public. That is in line with what the MWP is about.


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  • commented on Focus on the Federal Budget 2016-10-28 16:13:08 -0400
    Ignoring the current level of debt is irresponsible. It seems to me that adding more social programs such as universal health care, free college, and basic income are problematic.

    Providing universal health care and other new social services, will necessarily require much higher individual tax rates, as they are in Sweden and other countries that provide many social services. Secondly, universal health care will wipe out the health insurance business, and that is socialism.

    When the economy returns to a more normal level, it jumped to 2.9% in this last quarter, if that continues and it hopefully would, then there will be added inflation. Additional inflation will snowball the interest on the debt.

    It will take finesse to get out of this overall untenable fiscal situation.

  • commented on The Modern Whig Party Responds to Dallas and Baton Rouge 2016-07-18 05:20:32 -0400
    This is going to take a long term effort to bring so many in the black community to once and for all feel like they are full partners in the American community.

    They need decent schools and they need decent job opportunities. Far more blacks are jobless than any other group. That leads them to gang activity and that is what brings in greater scrutiny by police.

    In addition, I think there is a political element that is intent on keeping the pot boiling for political purposes.

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    The one thing I disagree with about the Anti-Corruption Act is citizen funding. Citizen funding puts the money under control of politicians and I’m adamantly against that for obvious reasons.

    I’m toying with the idea that no organizations may contribute to campaigns, only individuals because only individuals can vote. Maybe we could put some limit on individual contributions so billionaires like George Soros or the Koch brothers can’t buy elections or thwart the will of the people, but I would make it a high limit compared to today’s limits.


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