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  • commented on Facebook & Party News 2018-01-23 23:43:17 -0500
    Very well said. I also am struggling with the idea that nothing seems to be happening. We receive a letter on the state of the party and at first I am excited that something is happening…just wish I had more of an idea of exactly what that was. It’s great to think of whigs running in ten states(like the state of the party said)…but which states. Which states have a stronger foundation and which ones are still looking for the building blocks? Why choose those ten states to run candidates? (Sure I could come up with many different reasons for why these ten states…if I know which states) Ballot access is awesome. Which eight states is the party focused on? Why not include that information? I could go on but you get the idea. There is very little information and I want to know more. I can’t be the only one.

  • answered 2017-09-14 04:53:56 -0400
    Q: Please elaborate on your choice and position...
    A: Fix the House of Reps. The Apportionment Act holds the number of seats at 435, divided based on census data among the states. This is not how the House was designed to work and has done nothing but silence citizens within states. As populations sift, some states lose seats and others gain. How soon till only a handful (CA, TX, FL) will truly be the only states to matter during Presidential elections? More important, if the House is supposed to provide equal representation to all citizens, how can it accomplish that as the voice of citizens becomes more diluted? The number of citizens a congressperson represents varies greatly between the states and has only been widening since this Act.

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    I support passage of the American Anti-Corruption Act -- model legislation designed as a standard for action to blunt the corrupting effect of political contributions at the the local, state and federal level.

    I believe lobbying and ethics laws must be reformed; political fundraising must be transparent and donors must be publicly disclosed; and a system of citizen-funded elections must be installed. 

    I endorse all efforts to reverse the Supreme Court's decisions in the Citizens United and McCutcheon cases, and pledge to do all I can as a citizen to return control of my government to the hands of The People.

    The Modern Whig Party of America does not accept donations from corporations, unions, or special interest groups. 

    We are funded directly by volunteers and grassroots supporters. Please consider a small contribution today!

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    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.  (Theodore Roosevelt) 

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