I believe everyone should have to work to protect the rights of every citizen.  Individual freedoms should be guaranteed and the middle class should be acknowledged as a great group of citizens instead of the punching bag for the rich and poor.

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    Sorry. This is my only real way to communicate with the group.

    Are we still a party? I noticed the change with the merger with the alliance party and the website calling itself an institute. What would be a member’s status if we were originally a Whig? Also, I paid for the state website for another year. Should I take it down or change it? I wanted to keep it going so that I could send it to a new Chair at some point.

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  • Should the Modern Whig Party Endorse Garry Johnson for President?

    The more I watch and listen to Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, I wonder should our party endorse such a candidate?  I say yes.  He may be a Libertarian but as far as the party goes we are not so different.  There are a few core differences but in the end I believe if you watch and listen to them you will find a team that most of us in the party would actually look forward to voting for.  They both have a proven record as Governors and were both reelected to the office.  I think they are worth listening too and I really hope they get to the 15% in the polling numbers so more Americans can see them in the debates.  It would be nice to actually vote for someone you want instead of picking the lesser of to evils.  (Sorry about the spelling in the title.  I couldn't get back in to fix it.)

  • commented on Dues or no dues, that is the question... 2016-03-16 19:49:11 -0400
    I agree that a modest amount like the one suggested is more than fair for everyone. However, having a non-paying party member is still beneficial to the party. I would say just have the paying members be allowed to vote on party issues and non-paying members identify with the group. Paying members would then have a sense of ownership in the party and would be more involved. Just a thought.

  • commented on Presidential Candidates Without Military Service: 2016-02-07 18:23:31 -0500
    Sorry. I was just hoping to put a quick thought for others to consider. Obviously I screwed up the posting. I just wanted to say I was disappointed that no major player running for president has any military service. Very sad.