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  • commented on Why are Americans Searching for Third Parties 2016-10-06 07:38:01 -0400

    With due respect, the lesson from Mr. Nader, from the Greens and Libertarian and Socialists and so forth, has been that what they’re doing isn’t working. They’ve been doing the same thing for decades — putting up candidates for high office without a foundation — and it’s has the same results: nobody elected.

    To fix this, you have to build the foundation, and that means (1) fixing the voting system via ranked or tiered or approval voting so that people aren’t scared away from voting for minor party candidates and (2) recruiting good candidates to run, now that they have an actual shot. Then, once there are minor party office holders, we need to overhaul the Electoral College. Then — and only then — do we actually have a shot at the White House.

    Where is the Whig Party backing for Question 5 in Maine? Where is our outreach to other minor parties to start petitioning for similar measures in other states to make better voting systems a reality? Where is there evidence of us building the foundation, so that we can eventually build the house?